RADWIMPS – 前前前世 (zenzenzense)

Last week, i watched Music Station, just waiting for their live performance. And I love their song then purchased it on iTunes haha instantly 😀 Actually this song is Original Soundtrack for 君の名は (Your Name) movie, from my fave anime director, Makoto Shinkai. Here, the movie is kind of big hits. I hope i can get the ticket for this weekend.

Lyrics in English:

Have you finally opened your eyes? But why is it you still won’t meet my gaze?
“You’re late,” you say angrily… but even so, I got here as fast as I could-
My heart got here before my body could even make it.
Just the sight of your hair, your eyes… makes my chest hurt;
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RADWIMPS – 前前前世 (zenzenzense)

花火大会 Fireworks Festival

In summer time, there are a lot of fireworks festival in japan. Last time, i watched it at showa kinen koen. A lot of people came to watch it, mostly young couple/group and family. Before i come to japan, i heard that fireworks festival here is really pretty and super awesome. Then, it is true!!! The fireworks festival lasted about an hour, but it was kind of fast, because everyone just immersed in how beautiful it was. If i compare to the fireworks in my country, then the fireworks in my country seems so lame. 

I just took a big Fireworks photo, because i could not help staring at them haha 😂😆 too busy for that haha

This saturday, i am going to watch another fireworks festival, already excited! 😉

花火大会 Fireworks Festival

Pokemon Go

It’s been one week since Pokemon Go released here. On 2nd day of its released, i went to jog in my neighbourhood. Then i met a lot of people searching for pokemon, there are father & son, family, and children, even adults. It is a big hit even in japan.

In my neighbourhood, i find a lot of children playing Pokemon Go, because most of them maybe playing pokemon in 3DS and now it is summer holiday, so of course you will find a lot of children walking down in street even in group.

But recently on TV, a lot of critics and negative responses from media, because a lot of people forget about manner and dangerous for children walking in street without their parents. It’s kind of sad if the media only broadcast the negative effects, maybe it should be fair if the media also broadcast the positive effects about this game.

The positive of this game are gamers suddenly go for walk, not just sitting in front of their tv or pc, father & sons or family can enjoy walking together searching for pokemon 😀

As for myself, i went to shopping & tourism district around tokyo. I went to futakotamagawa, oshiage (skytree tower), and asakusa. A lot of people was searching pokemon there haha 😀 In oshiage, i found evee spawn, i got 3 evees in the same spot 😉

So go adventure instead of sitting in front of your pc or tv! 😉

Pokemon Go

Toho Cinema Roppongi Hills

It has been 1 year since i watched the last movie (back then in jakarta) 😀 i came to watch “finding dori” at toho cinema roppongi hills. Usually here, western movies are dub versions, and i don’t want to watch the dub version. Then we found that at toho cinema roppongi hills, there was the english version, yeeaah 😎

For each person, the ticket fare was ¥1800 and we bought caramel popcorn + drink + tax = ¥750. The movie studio was a bit small and there was no waiting room if you come early 😑 Usually you can enter the studio 10 mins before.

Before the movie was started, there were some notices, one of them was “no noise”. I heard that japan’s cinema is really really quite, even when there is a funny scene 🙄 But here, people were laughing freely oh woow why is this cinema a bit different? Then i thought maybe most of the audiences were foreigners haha 😎 And the funny thing was “there was earthquake when we were watching the movie” but the movie kept playing, the audiences were not concern at all about the earthquake haha that’s cool!!! 😀

Next, we want to watch makoto shinkai’s newest movie, can’t wait to watch it!! 😁

Toho Cinema Roppongi Hills

TV Asahi Summer Festival

Now, i am in roppongi. Since i came here, i haven’t gotten a chance to watch movie in a cinema 😀 and here we are, gonna watch finding dori haha let’s skip the cinema talking :p i will make another post about it hehe

So the cinema is in roppongi hills, at the entrance, there are a lot of doraemon kyaa 😀 so currently there is tv asahi summer festival.

If you are interested to come, this festival is available until end of August 2016 in roppongi hills 😀 CMIIW

Have a good day! 😉

TV Asahi Summer Festival

10 months

Hi All!

It’s been 10 months since my last post 😀 After all of the troubles, i come back to this site and i am going to close the isengkoding.com

“Why? Why? Why?”

Because it’s been hard to keep that site, the hosting server is so slow, it’s really troublesome to think of SEO for each post haha, etcetera~

So yeah i come back to this site! 😀

As for my posts there, i will repost them here 😉

Then see you! 😉

10 months