Install Package, port, source @ freeBSD

untuk penginstalan source
-> mengunpack tarball (biasa dalam format compress, gzip atau bzip2).

  uncompress [-f] [file ...]

-> meng-compile nya. mungkin termasuk pengeditan Makefile atau menjalankan configure script dll.

-> test dan install

test -x file
install [-bCcMpSsv] [-B suffix] [-f flags] [-g group] [-m mode]
	     [-o owner] file1  fileN directory

untuk penginstalan package
-> sinopsis

pkg_add [-vInfFrRMSK] [-t template] [-p prefix] [-P prefix]
	     [-C chrootdir] pkg-name [pkg-name ...]

-> install

untuk penginstalan ports
-> portupgrade -N

portupgrade [-habcCDDefFijknNOpPPqrRsuvwWy] [-A command] [-B command]
		 [-l file] [-L format] [-S command] [-x pkgname_glob]
		 [[-o origin] [-m make_args] [-M make_env] pkgname_glob ]

(*thanks to wardah for the pure heart*)
Install Package, port, source @ freeBSD

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