Simple Udon Seafood Recipe

A week ago, i really wanna eat Udon somehow 😛 haha but i cant make one in weekdays 😦 So this weekend, i try to make it :9 this is the first time, i cook Udon Seafood >.< and fortunately, it turns yummy XD yaay! also without MSG, so it’s a healthy food~

My Udon Seafood

The Recipe:

  • 12 shrimp’s heads + 6 shrimp’s body
  • 200 gram udon
  • 500 ml water
  • 2 piece of garlic
  • 1 tsp of salt
  • ½ tsp of pepper
  • some spring onion

How to make:

  1. add some drops squeeze lemon on shrimps.
  2. chop the garlic then fry it in pan until it has a good smell.
  3. pour water and put the shrimps  into pan.
  4. do it in low level fire.
  5. put salt and pepper in its and you can put some seaweed (if you have it)
  6. taste it, just add more salt or pepper for satisfying your own taste 😀
  7. cook it until boiled.
  8. serve it with some tofu, bean sprouts, dried seaweed, or something that  you like 😀

Whoaa, it’s more difficult to write recipe in english haha. Okay, that’s all! Really simple right? 😀 boiled shrimps make a delicious taste :9

See you in other recipe~ 😉

P.S. Just tell me, if there is some wrong spelling haha. Thank you.

Simple Udon Seafood Recipe

3 thoughts on “Simple Udon Seafood Recipe

  1. Achite... says:

    I was searching for Japanese noodle recipes, and landed on this site…
    I was like “just that simple… dayumn… I shoud’ve tried it long time ago.”
    Salam kenal… =D
    Anyway, did you use the shrimp head to make stock or just use them right away at the 3rd step? Arigatoo… =)

    1. Ananti Selaras Sunny says:

      Hi! Nice to meet you
      I just use it for stock, try to add other ingredients that you like 😀 like dashi, soy sauce, etc.

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