Simple Creamy Creamy~

So, this morning, i feel like eating some creamy creamy thing then i decided to make this haha i didn’t know the recipe’s name 😛


I cooked this with very simple ingredients 😀 plus, i didn’t really know the ingredients’s measure haha 😀 i just mix them with feeling 😛

Step by step, roughly: 

  1. fry mince garlic with butter until aromatic
  2. put chicken (cut into tiny square pieces)
  3. when chicken almost cooked, pour some milk, then turn the fire into low heat
  4. put the prepared vegetables (i use broccoli,carrot,and sweet corn)
  5. put some salt, sugar, and black pepper to taste
  6. if you wanna a little bit thicker cream then pour corn starch (mix with a little bit water)
  7. bring to boil then add some grated cheese
  8. and last add some chopped parsley
  9. ready to serve 😉

So easy, right? 😀 just make your own recipe~ :3 cooking is so much fun!

Simple Creamy Creamy~

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