Curry Curry! Vegetable Curry Instant

yeaah! at last, i cook curry but using curry instant though 😛

So, my nechan~ came back from kyoto, and give some presents, one of them is vegetable curry instant! kyaaa ureshii~ haha

this is pic of it


Why is vegetable curry? because this one is halal, the ingredient is from vegetable only 😀

And in the next day, i cook curry using it.

for ingredients, i use 1 onion, 2 garlic cloves, 1 carrot, 1 potato, 200gr chicken breast (cut into square pieces), 700gr vegetable curry instant (actually this should be ± 600gr, i put it too much haha but it turns out really good, little bit more spicy), 500ml water

for the step:

  1. put some oil in sauce pan, fry copped onion until aromatic and little bit brown in color
  2. then put copped garlic, stir until aromatic
  3. then put chicken breast, you should use meat if you like (i use chicken because i don’t really like meat 😛 )
  4. then stir until almost cooked
  5. pour the water
  6. put the carrot and potato (cut them into bite size pieces)
  7. then cook until boiled and the vegetable become soft enough
  8. then put the curry powder and stir
  9. if you like add some spring onion on top 😀
  10. serve it while hot!

this is my outcome!


Cooking curry is so much easier if using Curry Instant! haha you should try it! 😀

Curry Curry! Vegetable Curry Instant

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