Yeeyy another great work from Ohba Tsugumi sensei (Author) and Obata Takeshi sensei (Artist) !!! I’m already a big fans since Death Note haha 😀 Sugoii ne senseitachi haha

Just like bakuman, told about great combo mangaka, i think this is just like Ohba Tsugumi sensei (Author) and Obata Takeshi sensei. I like the story itself that Ohba Tsugumi sensei created and the awesome art from Obata Takeshi sensei. But i think in Bakuman, Obata sensei went to shonen style, not realistic style (Death Note). Because the story and content are different, bakuman feels very shonen, and Death Note is more seinen i think haha 😛

Bakuman is really interesting and i like Mashiro Moritaka character 😀 sasuga protagonist character haha when i was in High School, i liked to draw manga so i kind of remember how he felt 😀 but then now i’m a programmer haha what a turn over point 😛

I never think that Mangaka’s path is really hard and challenging

In Bakuman, the protagonist creates some serialize manga, such as PCP (Perfect Crime Party) and Riversi, aahh i wanna read those manga also. Seems really interesting. And some characters remind me of Death Note chara 😀 for Takagi Akito = Light Yagami, Hattori = Ryuk (Shinigami) it’s kind of funny haha

I just finished watching anime adaptation of Bakuman, it is ended gracefully and happy ending haha but i wanna see mashiro & azuki’s wedding 😦 

And again i’m falling in love with Obata sensei’s art! I love the detail :3 I think for art itself, until now i like Obata sensei’s best 😀

Compared to Death Note, Bakuman seems really light and refreshing. But actually i like Death Note better than Bakuman, because i like psychological battle, dark, and twisted story haha even so Bakuman is great too!

You should watch the anime or read the manga! Both of them are masterpiece!


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