Yatta, i finished watching this anime until its 2nd season 😀

Actually, i just wanna enjoy the romance side, but chihayafuru has interesting game action haha, this is beyond my expectation.

The plot is around 3 protagonists, Ayase Chihaya, Mashima Taichi, and Wataya Arata. They love playing karuta (card game related to poems). The romance is around those protagonists, but Taichi holds one side romance, poor Taichi 😦

I like the art, it is pretty!

Ayase Chihaya

Mashima Taichi
Wataya Arata

This anime is light and enjoyable but i think this kind of story is more popular for girls 😛 Until end of season 2, there is no progress for Taichi – Chihaya romance 😦 aarrghh Taichi is really slow, what he should do just confessing to Chihaya though haha 😀

From this anime, you can learn about Japanese Culture and Poems 😀 this is interesting haha.


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