Steins Gate

This anime is really interesting! Plot revolves around time travel and world line 😀

Story about time travel is always interesting and can give twisted plot. Actually i still got confused when i watched the 1st episode and i found this interesting maybe after 3rd or 4th episode haha 😛 Actually i don’t really like the art but it is still forgivable as long as the plot is interesting enough for me to continue watching this series.

I like the climax plot, when mayuri died and okabe want to save mayuri using leap time machine, he leaped over and over, but still couldn’t save mayuri, he saw mayuri die over and over 😦 In the end, he couldn’t save mayuri just using time leap machine because the future is already changed and some people use D-mail to change the past and future. He has to redo all of them in order to save mayuri. This is the twisted plot haha i never thought that mayuri will die 😀

And for romance i thought that okabe is in love mayuri. But okabe actually is in love with kurisu. The romance plot is also twisted! haha

In this anime, what happened in another world line becomes a dream in current world line :O the theory is pretty scary for me. Because practically there is another me that doing differently from current me. Maybe we can connect this to dejavu theory haha 😛 conspiracy! 😛

So, this anime is really interesting and recommended! 😀

Steins Gate

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