I can’t help but really like this anime! I like how twisted most of characters in this story haha

The story is about two girls named Nana. Both Nana are flatmate in Tokyo. Nana Osaki is punk singer of Black Stone (Blast). Nana Komatsu is common girl in shojo manga 😀 The story is about friendship and love, but really complicated. I like the monologue in this anime, it seems like inner thought haha

When watching this anime, i feel all the emotion for each characters, sad, happy, hurt, funny, grateful, love, possessiveness, etc. The mangaka is so genius, she can bring out all of emotion in good story line and make we want it more and more!

But this is so sad that manga itself is on hiatus 😦

Nana is romance genre, punk, and maybe rate 18+ haha I like punk rock music, so i really love the OST.

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