Pokemon Go

It’s been one week since Pokemon Go released here. On 2nd day of its released, i went to jog in my neighbourhood. Then i met a lot of people searching for pokemon, there are father & son, family, and children, even adults. It is a big hit even in japan.

In my neighbourhood, i find a lot of children playing Pokemon Go, because most of them maybe playing pokemon in 3DS and now it is summer holiday, so of course you will find a lot of children walking down in street even in group.

But recently on TV, a lot of critics and negative responses from media, because a lot of people forget about manner and dangerous for children walking in street without their parents. It’s kind of sad if the media only broadcast the negative effects, maybe it should be fair if the media also broadcast the positive effects about this game.

The positive of this game are gamers suddenly go for walk, not just sitting in front of their tv or pc, father & sons or family can enjoy walking together searching for pokemon 😀

As for myself, i went to shopping & tourism district around tokyo. I went to futakotamagawa, oshiage (skytree tower), and asakusa. A lot of people was searching pokemon there haha 😀 In oshiage, i found evee spawn, i got 3 evees in the same spot 😉

So go adventure instead of sitting in front of your pc or tv! 😉

Pokemon Go

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