RADWIMPS – 前前前世 (zenzenzense)

Last week, i watched Music Station, just waiting for their live performance. And I love their song then purchased it on iTunes haha instantly 😀 Actually this song is Original Soundtrack for 君の名は (Your Name) movie, from my fave anime director, Makoto Shinkai. Here, the movie is kind of big hits. I hope i can get the ticket for this weekend.

Lyrics in English:

Have you finally opened your eyes? But why is it you still won’t meet my gaze?
“You’re late,” you say angrily… but even so, I got here as fast as I could-
My heart got here before my body could even make it.
Just the sight of your hair, your eyes… makes my chest hurt;
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RADWIMPS – 前前前世 (zenzenzense)

花火大会 Fireworks Festival

In summer time, there are a lot of fireworks festival in japan. Last time, i watched it at showa kinen koen. A lot of people came to watch it, mostly young couple/group and family. Before i come to japan, i heard that fireworks festival here is really pretty and super awesome. Then, it is true!!! The fireworks festival lasted about an hour, but it was kind of fast, because everyone just immersed in how beautiful it was. If i compare to the fireworks in my country, then the fireworks in my country seems so lame. 

I just took a big Fireworks photo, because i could not help staring at them haha 😂😆 too busy for that haha

This saturday, i am going to watch another fireworks festival, already excited! 😉

花火大会 Fireworks Festival