About Ananti

She’s the first daughter in her family, wanna become an independent girl and support her family too.  Now, she settles in Jakarta, the capital city that full of traffic jam and pollution (actually, she doesnt like to be here 😛 ). She hopes, she will get out from Jakarta someday haha

She finds, programming is fun! haha but sometimes, she got bored if there is no variation in her work 😛

Out of programming things, she likes drawing, cooking, reading books, listening to music, watching Japanese/Korean drama 😉 . Since junior high school, she likes art things, because of japanese comics 😀 . Lately, she likes reading books again~ haha. For music, she likes many genres as long as it’s easy listening 😉 but she rarely listens to indonesian songs 😀 haha. For drama, she likes both japanese and korean drama but lately she likes korean variety 😀 because it’s so funny! like Family Outing, Running Man, or We Got Married .

HTC is her fave brand for its smartphone 😀 she likes android OS. But she also likes iOS for its iPod Touch 😉 . She hopes, can create android application again someday :3

woaaa.. it’s a long introduction, right? 😛 just skip it then get ready to read her journey 😀

Happy reading~

P.S. She hopes, this blog will brings its benefit for you, the readers~ 🙂


15 thoughts on “About Ananti

  1. kamal daar says:

    I read your title JSF1.2 with AJAX, Interesting, where did you reach with your project as you wrote JSF 1.2 was new to you. hoping to here from you. My email is registered below, bye Thanks.

    1. Ananti Selaras Sunny says:

      hi kamal!

      thank you!
      yes, this is my first project using JSF 😀 before i was in struts project.

    1. Ananti Selaras Sunny says:

      wah udah ga aktif rileks lagi sejak lulus tahun 2011 kemaren nih haha
      sedih denger rileks sekarang sepi, ga rame kayak dulu 😦
      jejak mana ya yg ditinggalkan? =))

      1. jejak maksudnya masih eksis di dunia maya…

        rileks bukankah dari dulu sepi, awak pertama gabung aja udah sepi…
        lumayan rame sih dibanding sekarang, pas angkatan 2007 pada lulus mulai gersang..
        sekarang udah stroke, tinggal nunggu malaikat datang..

      2. Ananti Selaras Sunny says:

        Wkwkwk iyaa, dulu msh mending ada gath juga 😀 generasinya udah lain kali ya, pdhl salah satu budaya di kampus yg beda ama univ lain ya rileks itu LOL

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