I can’t help but really like this anime! I like how twisted most of characters in this story haha

The story is about two girls named Nana. Both Nana are flatmate in Tokyo. Nana Osaki is punk singer of Black Stone (Blast). Nana Komatsu is common girl in shojo manga 😀 The story is about friendship and love, but really complicated. I like the monologue in this anime, it seems like inner thought haha

When watching this anime, i feel all the emotion for each characters, sad, happy, hurt, funny, grateful, love, possessiveness, etc. The mangaka is so genius, she can bring out all of emotion in good story line and make we want it more and more!

But this is so sad that manga itself is on hiatus 😦

Nana is romance genre, punk, and maybe rate 18+ haha I like punk rock music, so i really love the OST.

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Steins Gate

This anime is really interesting! Plot revolves around time travel and world line 😀

Story about time travel is always interesting and can give twisted plot. Actually i still got confused when i watched the 1st episode and i found this interesting maybe after 3rd or 4th episode haha 😛 Actually i don’t really like the art but it is still forgivable as long as the plot is interesting enough for me to continue watching this series.

I like the climax plot, when mayuri died and okabe want to save mayuri using leap time machine, he leaped over and over, but still couldn’t save mayuri, he saw mayuri die over and over 😦 In the end, he couldn’t save mayuri just using time leap machine because the future is already changed and some people use D-mail to change the past and future. He has to redo all of them in order to save mayuri. This is the twisted plot haha i never thought that mayuri will die 😀 Continue reading “Steins Gate”

Steins Gate


Yatta, i finished watching this anime until its 2nd season 😀

Actually, i just wanna enjoy the romance side, but chihayafuru has interesting game action haha, this is beyond my expectation.

The plot is around 3 protagonists, Ayase Chihaya, Mashima Taichi, and Wataya Arata. They love playing karuta (card game related to poems). The romance is around those protagonists, but Taichi holds one side romance, poor Taichi 😦

I like the art, it is pretty!

Ayase Chihaya

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Yeeyy another great work from Ohba Tsugumi sensei (Author) and Obata Takeshi sensei (Artist) !!! I’m already a big fans since Death Note haha 😀 Sugoii ne senseitachi haha

Just like bakuman, told about great combo mangaka, i think this is just like Ohba Tsugumi sensei (Author) and Obata Takeshi sensei. I like the story itself that Ohba Tsugumi sensei created and the awesome art from Obata Takeshi sensei. But i think in Bakuman, Obata sensei went to shonen style, not realistic style (Death Note). Because the story and content are different, bakuman feels very shonen, and Death Note is more seinen i think haha 😛

Bakuman is really interesting and i like Mashiro Moritaka character 😀 sasuga protagonist character haha when i was in High School, i liked to draw manga so i kind of remember how he felt 😀 but then now i’m a programmer haha what a turn over point 😛

I never think that Mangaka’s path is really hard and challenging

In Bakuman, the protagonist creates some serialize manga, such as PCP (Perfect Crime Party) and Riversi, aahh i wanna read those manga also. Seems really interesting. And some characters remind me of Death Note chara 😀 for Takagi Akito = Light Yagami, Hattori = Ryuk (Shinigami) it’s kind of funny haha

I just finished watching anime adaptation of Bakuman, it is ended gracefully and happy ending haha but i wanna see mashiro & azuki’s wedding 😦  Continue reading “Bakuman”


Golden Time

Aaahh suka banget sama anime ini! Genrenya romance, comedy, seinen lalu poin pentingnya itu alur cerita dan tokohnya bikin gregetan waktu nonton 😀 Akhirnya beres juga nonton ini XD

Tokoh utamanya itu Tada Banri & Kaga Koko

Banri & Koko

Koko ini karakter cewe aneh haha posesif, lebay bin alay 😀 tapi justru gara-gara ini karakter dia jadi menarik. Banri itu emang cocok banget sama Koko, walaupun si Koko suka alay, tapi si Banri kayaknya nyaman-nyaman aja haha

Ceritanya overall romance, bikin terharu, seneng, campur-campur deh haha

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Golden Time