My Fave Android Apps

Woaahh, it was such long time ago since my last update haha XD

Now, i wanna share about my fave apps in my phone and i often use them 😉 okay, let’s skip the unnecessary things and get to the point! 😀 and this review based on my HTC One S.


I just don’t want my phone get another overcharge again, so i look for an app that can save my phone from overcharge haha, and i found this! really do the job very precisely 😉  my phone rings when the battery is 100%, and you can choose your fave ringtone too~ this simple app is so awesome 😀

Yes! this! my phone scheduler that helps my battery life haha, i use this to manage Data Connection in my phone automatically. I set the data connection off around my bed time and switch it on around my wake up time XD. Beside increasing battery life (i usually charge my phone once a day), it also makes my phone not interrupting my sweet dreams hahaha 😀


I really love this app, i can call someone in japan very clearly and not paying the charge call haha i often use the free call feature :3 Line provide stickers to reflect your current emotion, i think pictures have so many ways better than word’s expressions. Continue reading “My Fave Android Apps”

My Fave Android Apps