RADWIMPS – 前前前世 (zenzenzense)

Last week, i watched Music Station, just waiting for their live performance. And I love their song then purchased it on iTunes haha instantly 😀 Actually this song is Original Soundtrack for 君の名は (Your Name) movie, from my fave anime director, Makoto Shinkai. Here, the movie is kind of big hits. I hope i can get the ticket for this weekend.

Lyrics in English:

Have you finally opened your eyes? But why is it you still won’t meet my gaze?
“You’re late,” you say angrily… but even so, I got here as fast as I could-
My heart got here before my body could even make it.
Just the sight of your hair, your eyes… makes my chest hurt;
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RADWIMPS – 前前前世 (zenzenzense)