Unboxing Sony a6000

Helloo~ It has been a long time since my last post here. And this is my first post in this year wohoo~ 😀

So, on 23rd Dec 2014, i got my first mirrorless camera, yattaa!!

why did i choose mirrorless instead of DSLR camera?

Because i need a small size and light camera yet it should have a good performance!

why did i choose Sony a6000?

Because, it has many good reviews from professional photographer and photography site.

I bought (i asked my bf to buy 😛 ) it from amazon.co.jp so this product is basically for Japanese. Because i bought it in Japan so this camera menu is in Japanese and Sony doesn’t install other language option :-O huakkss i couldn’t read Japanese, i was really shock -__-” i bought it from amazon.co.jp, because the price was cheaper than in sony.co.id 😀 in amazon was around ¥ 73,000 (7,300,000 IDR), in sony.co.id was 8,999,000 IDR. Look at this gap price! 😀

So let’s unboxing!


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Unboxing Sony a6000