Bon Odori Matsuri

Last week, there was festival at park near my neighbourhood. A lot of people came and wore yukata. Children were dancing in tower, they were so cute 😀 It’s kind of nice, there are a lot of festivals that you can enjoy even in your neighbourhood, next are sunflower festival and firework festival, summer is really nice~ 😉



TV Asahi Summer Festival

Now, i am in roppongi. Since i came here, i haven’t gotten a chance to watch movie in a cinema 😀 and here we are, gonna watch finding dori haha let’s skip the cinema talking :p i will make another post about it hehe

So the cinema is in roppongi hills, at the entrance, there are a lot of doraemon kyaa 😀 so currently there is tv asahi summer festival.

If you are interested to come, this festival is available until end of August 2016 in roppongi hills 😀 CMIIW

Have a good day! 😉

TV Asahi Summer Festival